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 This bridge is called the Fairy Bridge (Xian Ren Qiao) or Bridge Fairies, it was formed when the limestone karst mountain cut through the river Buliu. Bridge Fay is about 40 km (straight line) northwest of Fengshan in the northwestern province of Guangxi, China. Until recently, this place was not known outside of China.

 Create a holiday atmosphere completely in our hands. With a bit of imagination and creativity can be turned into Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees and wreaths, even a roll of toilet paper. And if you have on hand will be more and scissors, and paint, there is every chance of making an exclusive design for a toy or a Christmas tree ornament for the holiday table. We offer a number of interesting and inexpensive ideas for the New Year. The Penguins of bottles

Luytla-Duymun - the smallest of the 18 Faroe Islands, located between Scotland and Iceland. The island - 0.8 sq km, the highest point - Mount Ravan height 414 meters. The island is uninhabited, except for those frequent cases where it encircled the clouds or deposited from above, in the form of caps.

Christmas trees

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 Joke claims that fake Christmas decorations differ from these only because of them there is no joy. The same can be said about the fake Christmas trees.They, of course, and can look very beautiful, but with this, smelling of pine needles tree never be compared. That's about the most unusual Christmas trees, real and unreal ... tree of 40 000 plastic bottles

Great idea

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 Wheelbarrow driven in service.
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Who could conceive of such a great idea ...

To meet the demand of growing population, housing problems in major cities of Europe decided increase in the number of apartments in the houses at the expense of living space. In these small apartments squeezes the minimum number of rooms, and a partial solution to this problem is a combination living room with dining area and kitchen in one unit (our people is too familiar.) But the company found Kitchoo very original and organic solution to the problem by creating a mini kitchen Cuisine. Cuisine K1, at the sizes of 1300 x 1000/1580 x 650 mm contains almost full set of the most modern kitchen appliances and other useful accessories.

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