Create a holiday atmosphere completely in our hands. With a bit of imagination and creativity can be turned into Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees and wreaths, even a roll of toilet paper. And if you have on hand will be more and scissors, and paint, there is every chance of making an exclusive design for a toy or a Christmas tree ornament for the holiday table. We offer a number of interesting and inexpensive ideas for the New Year. The Penguins of bottles

 Toys from peanuts
 The wreath of apples and apple bowl
 Maybe it's apples and Christmas fruit, but a wreath of apples and apple bowl - looked very festive.

Mugs in scarves
 If scarves are decorative, the cuff of a sweater to keep warm mug and will not burn.


For such beauty is better to take unbreakable ball. Because you want to save it.


 Plastic ball, a coin for the weight in the basket.

Recipe for Cinderella

 Brilliant reincarnation. How many shoes do not live to see his stardom and was ejected after walking on the pavement.

Snowflakes from plastic bottles

 Cut off the bottom of the bottle, make a hole with an awl, draw a snowflake. I guess they do not need a ring and if, instead of a thin ribbon take a thread.

Balls made of bottles
 Bottle cut into thin rings, seal and decorate.

Jewelry made of glue
 Clay, dark beads for eyes and long orange bead for a carrot instead of a hat can make a paper bag.

Tin Tree
   If you are lucky enough to own a barn stuffed with scrap metal, you can easily do this art object. But, as a rule, these do not understand how lucky they are lucky.

Lacy ball
 Lace, glue, and a ball. Lace is better to take the lungs.

Christmas tree out of office keys
 Christmas tree on a stick
 New Year background for photos
 Bowl of Cinnamon
 You will need foam ball, glue and cinnamon sticks.

Author ball
 Likewise, you can make greeting cards.

 The wreath of molds for baking
 Fasten a wire or ribbon.

Wreath of rolls of toilet paper

 Crown for a little princess
 Retro Jewelry
   It's quite simple. For them, only black and white printer and the images that you like.

Source: www.adme.ru

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