Life on the walls

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 The most interesting personalities live is not noticeable. They are far from community centers, lively streets, offices, clubs and restaurants. So these cute characters pushed away from the city. They are harassed, paint, mutilated, spoiled tagged, and eventually they settled in the woods, where people come rarely, and those who walk and did not come to vandalism. In the abandoned and ruined places have their own romance, atmosphere, and beauty. Graffiti is their integral part. I'm not talking about curves or inscriptions scratched grinding bar of glass, I'm talking about works of art, which the place of crumbling masonry not among the debris, and in the gallery.

 Where else can you find a giant chocolate Alenka, but still not a single copy?
 Characters have their own character, not every cartoon character designed for studio izsvetsnoy round sum has such an expressive type.
 Do you recognize him? It's Freeman! Only the very young and sad.

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