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Let's look funny reincarnation of famous actors. acting profession - is not only glossy and chic, but also hard work to create the desired image. For the role of star dye their hair, cut their hair, gain and lose weight or trying on costumes fat and fat woman. So, for example recently Melissa Gorge, a famous star in the U.S. television show "Real Housewives of New Jersey," appeared in the show «Entertainment Tonight», in the form of a 130-pound lady. So quickly "dial" a few tens of kilograms Melissa helped a rubber suit. Mike Myers in the film "Austin Powers" Mike Myers has played multiple roles. But to play another character, Fat Bastard, the actor had donned the most famous in the last decade costume fat. Hairy, fat Scotsman was one of three characters, played by comedian in two films about Austin Powers, and by far the most time-consuming. Myers even joked that it took him "about 64 hours" to fully made-up.

Melissa Gorge star of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," Melissa Gorge appeared on TV Bravo later this year. The girl immediately caught the attention of the viewers of his harmony. But the other day sexy reality-show star appeared in an episode for «Entertainment Tonight» in the form of a huge fat women in hot pink jogging suit with overhead double chin and glasses. Melissa has appeared in such a manner before a crowd in the heart of New York - in Times Square.She then caught a taxi and told him to take her to one of the places where they sell hot dogs. Until quite clear what the aim of the TV star, but on Twitter, she wrote that in a short time her fans will see her again in such a manner.
Neil Patrick Harris, best known for the role of this actor brought Barney Stinson in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother." In the same series, actor, "gaining weight" with a special costume and makeup. The actor had to seriously put on weight, because of the attempts of his character Barney Stinson build a relationship with another heroine of the series - Robin Shcherbatsky. One of the creators of the sitcom populyatnogo Carter Base said such an increase in weight as follows: "That's all - attempts to seize the stress of failed relationships. A similar phenomenon, unfortunately, familiar to many people. "
Gwyneth Paltrow for filming Farrelly brothers' Shallow Hal "Gwyneth Paltrow has replaced his jacket, which sported in the film" Shakespeare in Love ", a huge costume weighs 11 pounds and diamonds and latex makeup. In this way the actress knew what might be social outcasts fat people: "People avoided eye contact with me, and some have tried to not even look in my direction." Except, of course, the hero of Jack Black, who at the end of the film to his ears in love with heroine actresses - Rosemary.
 Martin Lawrence film "Big Momma's House" became a big hit in 2000 and has collected the box office more than $ 100 million, proving that audiences really like to watch the young men how to dress up the screen in older women immense size. Due to this success picture a couple of years out sequel "Big Momma's House 2", where Lawrence, who plays an FBI agent, again dressed in a fat woman, grandmother, embodies all the flavor of the southern states.
Martin Short, actor well known to American audiences in the image of Jiminy Glick - once a popular character "Martin Short Show." Jiminy Glick later, the interviewer of stars appeared on the big screen in the film "Jiminy Glick in La-la-Wood." In order to reincarnate into his character Martin Short took about a half hour. Not surprisingly, once Short admitted that he "could get lost in his character."
Courteney Cox The only thing that could make Courtney Cox, one of the most graceful actresses TV to put on fat women costume, so it's plot twists the show "Friends." Courtney played in the cult series of manic-binding Monica Gellar, a chef, which was once a teenager was thick, but then he grew up, lost weight. There was vpechatelnie that Courtney Cox has a lot of pleasure from the image of fat women. Viewers remember the good dance portly Monica, which she performed to warm up the audience show. In the series, the characters constantly joked about Monica's insatiable appetite, which was the reason that she became a chef.
Tyra Banks Sometimes, to understand someone, you need to be in his shoes. Slim woman is hard to understand the problems and aspirations of the ladies, embodying the principle of "a good man should be a lot." But as demanded beauty and stroynyashka may be in an "alien skin"? Not just any supermodel would go for that, but Tyra Banks managed. In 2005, in his talk show she appeared in the form of fat women, weighing one and a half hundredweight. As such, she went on three blind date. At the same time one of its counterparts in the form of fat Taira acted "rude and insulting." At the end of each meeting Tyra threw in a few minutes extra pounds. Unfortunately, in real life this is impossible. Although I would like to ...
 John Travolta Thanks to roles in the movies "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever", everyone knew that John Travolta excellent dancer and singer. But who guessed that he will be an excellent musical role of fat women in high heels? Before you play a single mother Edna in the musical Ternblad 2007 "Hairspray" Travolta spoke sMartinom Lawrence, who played Big Momma, and he warned John that such role is not sugar. But Travolta is not only played his part perfectly, but also plenty of fun on the set.
Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy clearly belongs to the palm at the club fake fat. In his films he often played multiple characters, and many times, changing images, an actor dressed in suits and toltyakov fat woman, for example, in both parts of the movie "The Nutty Professor" and the film "Norbit."
Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy Sweet, 2005 "Just Friends" is based on classical reception - the transformation of the protagonist, who had once been thick, but then pulled himself together and drastically changed his life and body. For this role, the former husband of Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, the fat man put on a suit to portray the once obese, now emaciated music producer. Reynolds gets hero in his native town and decides to fight for the heart of his high school girlfriend, which was once in love.
Goldie Hawn One of the most memorable roles, Goldie Hawn - a black comedy 1992 "Death Becomes Her." The heroine of Goldie Hawn, Helen Sharp, became depressed and began to eat a lot, after her husband (Bruce Willis) has rejected her for a glamorous actress (Meryl Streep). The actress appears in this form only in a few scenes, but they still remember the audience, even many years after the film came out.
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