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 Victor Lyagushkin, designer by training, once during a trip to Mexico, "sick" underwater caves. When in 2003, Victor picked up an underwater camera, he did not know what Underwater caves would soon become his main hobby and favorite work. Text and photos: Victor Lyagushkin Wolf Creek (Cave Varsonofevoy name). This is all that remains of the once extensive cave where, according to popular belief, there was a lake, and in it, on the island with the treasure chest was. Lyagushkin Victor in a cave Geologists 2. Orda cave.Great Hall, a fork "Crocodile". Such transparency is maintained, if not almost move and swim as if in zero gravity. One flick - and from the bottom up suspension, which will settle at least 10 hours. Orda cave. Old course of Krasnoyarsk.

  Rope in the photo - runner, without which the loss of sight of the cave can not get out. Kungur cave, grotto Giant. Curse of cave photographers to assess the extent of the cave, in the frame we need people. And the pictures, take part in the contests of the natural pictures, people should not be.Kungur cave, grotto Dante. In the Permian gypsum monolith was the sea floor. Now is the ceiling of the cave. These caves inside look like big dump debris. In the Holy Cave Voguls representatives of ethnic Mansi (descendants Voguls) recently found his idol. Kizilovskaya cave, grotto snow white. So looks like limestone, washed with water. cavers who know each projection to the touch, as a rule, do not recognize familiar dungeons in the pictures. Only photographers show caves in all its glory. During one of the shooting offered to dive with an aqualung. Dived, learned and began to take off for diving magazines, too. In 2003, mastered the technical diving. Fotoshtativov under water there, instead of them - with flashes of divers. Before diving, we train and achieve synchronicity. Then dive with the process, a single frame (immediately lifted suspension), and nothing happens - someone definitely shines not there. Emerges, conduct debriefing, re-train and the next day dive again. And so, until you get the right shot. Caverns - a different world, which you yourself and draw. You do not see the entire cave - only small pieces, snatch a flashlight beam. 


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